Australian Independent Glass has an extensive product offering and, with the latest in glass manufacturing equipment at our fingertips, we can customise each order to meet your specific requirements.

Float Glass

We offer a number of float glass products including clear, tinted, low-iron and patterned.

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Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is classified as a Grade A Safety Glass. When toughened glass is broken, the pieces are small and relatively harmless, unlike typical glass that can break into razor sharp shards and cause serious injury.

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Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is classified as a Grade A Safety Glass. In the event of a breakage, laminated glass will hold together, reducing the risk of injury.

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Low-e Glass

Low-e glass, also known as low-emissivity glass, is standard float or laminated glass which is coated with an energy-efficient layer on one side.

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Vinyl Backed Glass

Vinyl-backed glass is a safety, organic-coated product which is manufactured to meet AS1288 human impact requirements.

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Mirrored products are of exceptionally high quality and durable, and can be ordered in sheets or cut to size.

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