Our Products – Float Glass

Clear Float Glass

Clear float glass, primarily used in windows, is colourless and transparent when viewed face on - when viewed on the edge, or painted, it has a slight green tinge.

Tinted Float Glass

Tinted float glass is made by adding colour when manufacturing clear float glass. The primary purpose of tinted float glass is to reduce the sun's direct solar energy passing through the glass. The most common colours of tinted float glass are grey, green, bronze and blue.

Low-iron Float Glass

Low-iron float glass offers a similar finish to clear float glass; however, more iron is removed from the glass during manufacturing, dramatically reducing the green tinge. This glass is ideal for splashbacks, shower screens and balustrades.

Patterned Float Glass

A pattern may be applied to the float glass, which will reduce the transparency of the glass without blocking natural sunlight.

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